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About Us

JEDI Jobs is a multipurpose remote job portal that connects remote work opportunities to remote job seekers as well as high-quality remote workers to employers.

Since COVID-19, the work-from-home concept has gained momentum and wide acknowledgment as “the future of work”, giving greater opportunities for both employers and employees to cast their nets wider.

Our mission at JEDI Jobs is to facilitate remote hiring and job-seeking processes by matching global employers with suitable and qualified remote workers for their mutual needs and benefits. We focus on people with disabilities (PWDs) and others from marginalized communities looking for work and this has a direct association with our name.

What does the “JEDI” stand for in the name?

  • J - for justice in providing access to sustainable employment and resources for everyone.
  • E - for equity through allocating remote work resources and opportunities to ensure accessibility to everyone.
  • D - for diversity in extending remote work positions to people from diverse backgrounds.
  • I - for inclusion in providing remote work resources and opportunities to those who are at a disadvantage.

JEDI Jobs’ visionary tenets support our mission for both employees and employers:

  • Borderless Recruitment work with an international or multinational company without the confines of location, time zones, office hours, and mobility.

  • Boundless Recruitment access a wide range of skilled and talented global workforce with diverse backgrounds, experience, and expertise.

  • Inclusive Recruitment provide equal opportunities for skilled and talented individuals with the right credentials and growth mindset.

JEDI Jobs is an initiative by Genashtim, a 100% remote for-profit social enterprise with vast expertise and experience in managing remote work models. This remote work model has proven to ride the storm in difficult conditions, like the recent pandemic.

Genashtim’s expertise and experience add value to JEDI Jobs by:

  • Providing relevant training to job seekers to make them effective remote workers
  • Helping and advising employers to engage effectively with remote workers
  • Providing a workable remote work model and policies to organizations moving towards remote work

In recognition of Genashtim’s vision and mission to connect the marginalized to its business as a force for good, its social impact initiatives have achieved numerous international recognitions and awards:

  • It is the first and only organization anywhere in the world with two independent B Corp certifications as “Best for The World”.
  • Organizations like RaiSE and B Lab have recognized Genashtim’s novelty and groundbreaking efforts to connect the marginalized to the global economy.
  • Genashtim’s founder and employees have been interviewed by the Malaysian, Filipino, and Taiwanese media for their achievements and feats.
  • The corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts have received awards from APSIPA, Real Leaders, and APAC Insider.
  • International publications like Forbes and Medium have featured the success stories of Genashtim.

Moving into the new era of advanced technology, we are confident that this is the right time to strengthen the remote work network. We believe that our founders’ instrumental roles in tapping the neglected but powerful workforce pool from marginalized communities will go a long way in guiding JEDI Jobs’s calling – that is, to provide this great opportunity for employers to hire people from this multi-potential and talented workforce pool that is oftentimes neglected and ignored.